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Dabur Balm (TijgerBalsem)

Tijger Balsem

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Dabur Balm is a traditional, trusted Indian product which was created to offer a quick relief in case of cold and caugh. It is ideal to treat mosquito- and other kinds of insect-bites, muscular and neuralgic pain, head-ache and sprains too. It can also be used to relax muscles before or after doing sports. The components extracted from several herbs produce their anthiseptic, anasthetic and curing effect by absorbing through the skin, or while being inhaled. None of the ingredients of Dabur Balsam may cause an allergic reaction or irritation to the skin. It can be used safely in case of newborn babies too.


to relieve and suppress the symptons of cold, flu and bad caugh, or even cure these illnesses,

to treat sprains, stiffness, strains and pain of the muscles,

 to relieve headache and neuralgic pain,

to treat mosquito- and other kinds of insect-bites.


In case of cold or flu it is recommended to slightly rub the neck, the breast, the back and around the nose with Dabur Balsam 3-5 times a day. It offers an instant relief for the patient, and even helps to get over the illness more quickly.

Melt 2 spoonfuls of Dabur Balsam in a dish of hot water if you would like to use it to inhale.

To relieve headache, rub the forehead, the temples and around the ears with Dabur Balsam.

If used to treat sprains, stiffness and strains, the given muscles should be gently rubbed with Dabur Balsam. This treatment should be repeated on the next few days after the accident.

If used to treat mosquito- and other kinds of insect-bites, rub the surface of the skin with Dabur Balsam.

To the attention of the consumers:

The products should be used precautiously so as to avoid the irritation of the eyes and the inner membrane of the nose.

It is suggested not to rub the product into the skin, since its components may cause an irritation to the soft, sensitive skin.



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