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Vapir Digital Air One

Weer een nieuwe en verbeterde uitvinding van Vapir: Vapir Digital Air One. Met een super charge verwarmingselement;

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Beschikbaarheid: Vapir Digital Air One

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Weer een nieuwe en verbeterde uitvinding van Vapir: Vapir Digital Air One. Met een super charge verwarmingselement; dus sneller verwarmen en beter verdampen! Een 3-snelheden ventilator geeft je de controle over de luchtstroom. Een sleutel/slot mechanisme beschermt je Vapir tegen ongewenst gebruik.

A 3-speed van allows you to control the air flow. An in-built lock allows you to protect your Vapir against unauthorized usage.

This Vapir Digital Air One system utilizes advanced digital technology to vaporize and aerosolize virtually any aromatic plant substance. This system is perfect for many applications, including ambient aromatherapy. Features include: full portability, easy and user-friendly controls, an optimized tray to minimize waste, accurate digital temperature controls, state-of-the-art software to create a perfect vaporization environment, easy cleaning, a digital illuminated LCD screen that lights up in the dark, compatibility with easy-to-use prefilled eherbs-on-disk system, and blank eherbs disks to fill with whatever you like. A separately available rechargeable battery makes it possible to use the vaporizer outside.

The system works great with fresh or dried herbs and flowers, oils, resins, liquids and powders.


The following accessoires are separately available:

  • 10 balloons/bags, including 10 mouthpieces and 5 tube attachments
  • a rechargeable battery which allows you to take the vaporizer wherever you like
  • 10 empty re-useable herb disks
  • water tools that are used to supply you with a cooler mist that can be inhaled more easily
  • share your vaporizer easily with the Vapir X-Tips, which are easy to use, and fit on the end of the tube attachment




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